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Saturday, December 19, 2009

++3rd Week++

Hurm...3rd week? not too bz...lots of my time i spent at my desk..always sleepy haiyoohhh...maybe it's bcoz my s/visor went to conference so i don't have lots of job to do..huhu... bydwy..regarding the 'online survey' website...i had called the company many times to ask bout the service but my s/visor looks like what i got is not enough. she wants more than that..yeah i think so...haih~... so..i have to call and call the cmpany again n again...they already know me maaaaa....aiyak. So want or not..i need to follow with this...ok..noted!!

hurm...abg andy(account) asked for my help to photocopy 5 past year audited account! hurm..it's ok...i learned how to use a photocopy machine..so easy....;p

I also help kak ain in creating an invitation card for Senior Vice president of MCB to the 'Launching of Aquarium Tunku Abd Rahman and anniversary of Loyalty Card on 1st January 2010.... i don't need lots of time to do it....when i done...kak nurul said it nice!! haha...kak ain also marked as 'good job' at my log book..hoho...;p

On 17th....i got new task...creat newsletter???waaaa i don' have any experience regarding this laaaaa....can i??? Hurm...nevermind...i try...;)

Monday, December 14, 2009

**the whoLe 2nd week**

I'm not too bz but i'm very tired so i've no time to update my blog everyday..hoho...During 2nd week,..i’ve done my brochure on ‘how to read your electricity meter’… I continue that by enter into the Control Centre Room to look the real meter so it so it is easy for me to get close with the meter. From this task, I learned that it is important to know more details about an electricity meter so that if a customer ask a question regarding how to read their meters, I’ll confident with what I want to tell the customer. Furthermore, they will also satisfy if I can fulfill their needs.

Next task, I’ve been asked to find an online service website like polldaddy.com but what are the different is the website should belonging to Malaysian. Haiyooo.. i’m looking for that website for two days but I did not find any website from Malaysia that provide online survey. At lastm my s/visor gave me a link on 2 companies in Malaysia that provide an online survey services. I was viewed the website and read on how their online survey works.
For ‘humancap.com’, they’re stated clearly the step of how their services on online survey works. We only need to provide them with the survey questions and list if respondents and then, they will set up, create and while approve, they will send it to all respondents via email. The survey results will be provided in PDF format.

For 'webse.com', it is the same where we need to provide them with survey information but they are not stated clearly. I've called the company fo 2 times, ms. jesnie asked me to send an email...i've sent the email for 3 times and there is no respond! aiyoooo very the busy haaaaa!... i need to follow this....haih~

Finally, i was created an account for wirazone in 'www.fotopages.com'. This website is a place where we can upload unlimited photos, so it is easier for company to upload lots of photos from any events. Staff and customers can easily view this photopage by link provided on wirazone's website. i was uploaded more than 100 photos...haiyohh...there is another photos to upload.. i need to resize 1st maaaa...senget!

weekend..??dating lorz....what else rite...haha....

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

**2nd week : 6th day**

Haluuu..today is Monday!!! n of course I’ve go to work…haih~… why I feel that there is no happiness for me in the office? 4 ½ month to go….so long! ;( (mungkin sbb masih belum biase dgn tempat br ni..)

What I’m gonna to do today?? I was given a task to create a brochure on ‘how to read your electricity meter’… for this task I need to link with the engineers/technician so that I can know how’s a meter looks alike… haiyohhh… n what’s the important is the meter is not same with the TNB meter ok.. so..i just follow the flow…doing the task given.. I’m so scared to meet the people in technical part.. It takes tyme to me even to stand up from my seat to go there… hurm..if I not go..i can’t complete my task.. if I go..how to communicate,what I’m going to ask them?haih~ so…want or not.. I had to go too… I met en. Najib..an engineer I guess…I asked him how to read,how’s the meter looks alike, where is the meter located, bla bla…I dunno how many tymes I go to his place after that…that is becoz I can’t complete my task yet! In the late evening I done the brochure with the contents that I got from en najib..then I send it to kak ain thru email. She doesn’t accept it becoz its not complete yet..she comment that there is some part that I’m not telling out. I realized it n I need to add further. n know what? Kak ain asked me to go to the center control room to see the real meter there. Haiyohh… hurm.. but that tyme the time is almost 5.30pm! thanx God that the technician is not around so I’ve an excuse to kak ain that I’ve to go to CCR tomorrow hoho… so..i’m going back!!! Lalalalala~ but tomorrow need to continue the task…uwwaaa….

Saturday, December 5, 2009

::5th day::

Today is Malakoff Office Day..I was attended a one day session on Ms. Office 2007. In this session i learned some tips and tricks in using the Office '07 and how this differ from the office 2003. after attending this session i only know that ms office '07 has many more benefits in using it. I already used this application in my notebook and i apply it in doing my assignments and presentation while i'm at the campus. But i didn't know that office '07 can do more than what i'm expected. that was amaze me. Ms Office '07 is differ from the office '03 which office '07 come with more buttons and ribbons which all of that is become easier. Wow…. Why I can’t see all of this when I was using this application?haih.. Anywy thanx to mr riduan for that session. After thus I’ll explore futher thru the ms office ’07!!! If I got tyme laaa….

Friday, December 4, 2009

::4th day::

waaaa what so difficult huh?? i only create the flyer for the whole day...!! but i only can do this..??haih~

Thursday, December 3, 2009

:::3rd day:::

Today i was given a task to create 'how to understand your electricity bill' flyer whereby i should put myself in a customer's shoes in order as a customer, what i want to know about the electricity bill. i was labelling each content of the electricity bill that i want to know by the help of some information from other friends/staff in the office. From this task, i learn how to enhance customer satisfaction towards our services. By creating this flyer, it is easier for customer to understand well about their bill. i spend lots of time in doing this haiyoohh..i've don't hv enuf tyme so i leave it and will continue it tomorrow..;)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

::my second day::

Today is 1 Disember 2009...the end month of the year 2009..! (end year sales!!!;p). hehe act. that is not what I want to write down here.. but, today is my 2nd day huuu.. hurm 2nd day in Wirazone I also been given with a simple task.. kak ain asked me to do labeling on files. I used Microsoft excel referred to kak ira’s design n make label for CSM dept for tariffs and terminated customers’ files. Ooo gosh It’s been a long time I didn’t use excel yo…again??aiyak~ anywy, its not too difficult I can handle it...if I get wrong I just click ‘undo’ haha….

Waaaa my boss asked me to go to his room with my s/visor,kak ain. Just ‘borak2 kosong’.. he gave an advise that I think…yeah..useful.. he said that eventhough I’m a student but try to put myself as a worker. Besides it was my last semester n after this I will going to job world..so, this is the time whereby I should learn how’s feeling when u are in a working environment. It’s not same as be at the campus which u came n back from lecture, do the assignments, projects..but in working environment u need to do lots.. yeah…that’s ryte but…hurm I dunno…but I try to learn it. n know what?my boss asked kak ain to give me a task..n what task isit? a RESEARCH n PRESENTATION!!! No!!!!! aiyak! Again????? Please laaaa….;( huh…I think it just a simple thing to do but..dunno…I’m not confident that I can do it. frenz…help!!!huh…. boss boss…..;(

Boss was asked me a question..’what are the differences between sales n marketing’? waaa I’m lost... boss said..dunno huh…’haaaa assignment!!’ haha
N after that what im doing?quickly I search at the internet what are they. Hurm….it such a simply n easy answer…how could I can’t answer it? if that simple question I failed to respond, how can I complete my research?presentation? my prac final report? How?? Huh…god…help me…;(
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