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Monday, December 14, 2009

**the whoLe 2nd week**

I'm not too bz but i'm very tired so i've no time to update my blog everyday..hoho...During 2nd week,..i’ve done my brochure on ‘how to read your electricity meter’… I continue that by enter into the Control Centre Room to look the real meter so it so it is easy for me to get close with the meter. From this task, I learned that it is important to know more details about an electricity meter so that if a customer ask a question regarding how to read their meters, I’ll confident with what I want to tell the customer. Furthermore, they will also satisfy if I can fulfill their needs.

Next task, I’ve been asked to find an online service website like polldaddy.com but what are the different is the website should belonging to Malaysian. Haiyooo.. i’m looking for that website for two days but I did not find any website from Malaysia that provide online survey. At lastm my s/visor gave me a link on 2 companies in Malaysia that provide an online survey services. I was viewed the website and read on how their online survey works.
For ‘humancap.com’, they’re stated clearly the step of how their services on online survey works. We only need to provide them with the survey questions and list if respondents and then, they will set up, create and while approve, they will send it to all respondents via email. The survey results will be provided in PDF format.

For 'webse.com', it is the same where we need to provide them with survey information but they are not stated clearly. I've called the company fo 2 times, ms. jesnie asked me to send an email...i've sent the email for 3 times and there is no respond! aiyoooo very the busy haaaaa!... i need to follow this....haih~

Finally, i was created an account for wirazone in 'www.fotopages.com'. This website is a place where we can upload unlimited photos, so it is easier for company to upload lots of photos from any events. Staff and customers can easily view this photopage by link provided on wirazone's website. i was uploaded more than 100 photos...haiyohh...there is another photos to upload.. i need to resize 1st maaaa...senget!

weekend..??dating lorz....what else rite...haha....

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