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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Salam readers, 

Do you know what ‘wall’ on facebook mean? Do you know who created this facebook? 

Yup.. Wall mean DINDING… 
Yup.. Mark Zurkerberg created facebook... a Jewish man (yahudi) 

But what is relationship between them? I mean WALL and FACEBOOK. Exactly…their relationship is too CLOSE!! 

Have you ever heard about The Western Wall or known also as The Wailing Wall? 
The Wailing Wall
FYI, the Wailing Wall (Dinding Ratapan) which located at East Jerusalem was believed to be the Western Wall of the Second Temple (sedangkan asalnya ia merupakan sebahagian daripada struktur Masjid Al-Aqsa!). It is used as a place for Jews and others, who often pray, sometimes wail, and sometimes slip prayers written on paper through the wall's welcoming fissures. 

Or in easy words: 

Dinding Ratapan ini dijadikan oleh Yahudi sebagai tempat untuk sembahyang, kadangkala meraung, kadangkala menyelitkan cebisan kertas luahan atau dosa-dosa mereka di rekahan dinding tersebut. 

Do you think this is ‘kebetulan’? I mean Wailing Wall and Facebook Wall… 

Moral of the facts here is.. bukan suruh delete facebook (hakikatnya aku sendiri sayang nak delete bcoz most of my old friends are here!). But, Please!!!! Don’t make Facebook Wall as a place you express your hurt feelings! Don’t make facebook wall to express your marital problems, curse words! Don’t wailing and begging on our facebook wall just like what they are doing… yes… Yahudi practice it!! 

Sebaliknya, Make Facebook Wall as a place you share your thoughts about your good experience, religions, Da'wah knowledge.. which benefit you and fellows!! 

How about TWITTER? 

Do you know? In July 2009, an ISRAEL student named Alon Nir launched a free service allowing people around the world to TWITTER their prayers, which are then taken in printed form to be posted to the Wailing Wall. 

In short, there is no different between facebook and twitter. The agenda is same! So… be careful. Yup… bagi kita, kita tidak melakukan perkara-perkara di luar batasan agama bcoz we know who we are, what are our nawaitu. But then, please bear in mind, kita tidak akan terlepas daripada melakukan perkara-perkara yang menyerupai ‘mereka’. 

Yup… kadangkala tanpa kita sedar Yahudi always get the chance to corrupt Muslims… But, in return… USE THEIR PLATFORM (facebook & twitter) as a medium to DEVELOP your race and religion… ISLAM! 

My pun baru je dapat info ni.. info yang sedikit aku gali dan gali lagi... there you are! luas pembacaan jauh pengetahuan… So lepas ni kenalah fikir dulu sebelum post any words kat facebook or twitter tu. kawal hati, kawal perasaan, kawal jari jemari... :) 

kalau tak percaya boleh google: "The Western Wall", "The Wailing Wall", "Twitter Prayer", "Prayers@TheKotel" 

or you may view this links: 



p/s: Sebar-sebarkan kepada muslim di luar sana!


Anum said...

perkongsian yang bagus

Adam said...

Pergh, memang hidden agenda la wei...

putribongsu said...

This is good info

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