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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WASPADA : Penyimbah Asid!! – TOLONG SEBARKAN untuk langkah berjaga-jaga!!

Recently, seringkali kita dengar mengenai acid splasher a.k.a Penyimbah Asid kan? Mungkin ramai wanita baik remaja mahupun dewasa yang fobia nak keluar rumah sendirian kan? My pun tak terlepas daripada merasa perasaan sedemikian. Seriously… memang  takut! Dahlah My duduk kat area Kepong.. mangsa-mangsa yang dah kena sebelum ni pun bukannya jauh sangat dari tempat My. Jadinya, tak mustahil kalau penyimbah asid tegar tuh boleh sampai ke taman perumahan My tu kan? Sometimes kalau My berjalan sorang-sorang dengar bunyik motor lalu sebelah cepat-cepat pandang.. jantung jangan cakaplah dup dap dup dap..

Semalam I got an email daripada my clique regarding this. Before this kawan-kawan pun ada gak hantar. So, menjadi tanggungjawab My dan y’ols semua untuk menyebarkan isi kandungan entry ini. Please! Be alert!! Baca sampai habis.

Jangan ambil mudah. Please care about yourself and friends! Dude, take a good care also to your lady or love ones when they are out there

Berikut adalah kandungan email:

Dear all,

Eh u guys be careful k, remember the acid splasher case? Yesterday one of my friend her car window kene ketuk by a guy holding a yellow bottle demanding her to roll down her window. She didn’t, so the guy hentak2 her car and yelled at her. The face is as per polis announcement, Indian guy. She said, awal2 masa the guy ketuk her window, he look mcm kesian muke sedih. (Taktik nak suruh bukak tingkap). After that the guy left. This happen at traffic light at 1 utama, which is near to us.

Then she launched police report, the police told her that yesterday, another girl pun reported the same thing, tingkap kene ketuk too but at Kota Damansara.

The crazy dude is now targeting our area, so please be careful kay when ur out there.

Also, a friend of mine, her work collegue was one of the victim. Now she’s blinded and still at the hospital L

Be careful yea when ur out there. Run when u hear motorcycle or bring umbrella. Its not safe out there. Better be safe than sorry.

Subject: FW: Acid Splasher - Please spread the words of caution
Ladies,.. please beware. I know I’ve sent this message before, but looks like his area of notoriety is taking a wider coverage now. Someone was kind enough to compile the events from March 2nd right up to 7th May for our reference.
Gentlemen,.. please forward and caution your lady friends and love ones.
Beware of the serial acid splasher in KL!

Last week another 5 innocent victims have been hurt by the acid thrown at them. So far 20 victims have been injured. All are women and girls except a male school teacher in 8 different incidents over the past 2 months! These crazy attacks happens right in the heart of KL. I wonder where are the cops? Aren't our most advanced city is equipped with high resolution surveillance cameras? Or those money has been used to buy cheap 1.0 MP cameras and the rest has been channeled into someone's else pocket? Ok sorry...it's not the time to play the blame game. 

We must track down this animal as soon as possible. One of the latest victims is a one-year-old helpless baby. See how insane this serial acid splasher is? Then another victim who was attacked last Friday suffered serious burns which could cause her to lose her eye. People lives are at risk here. 20 victims' future has been affected by this animal! All of us should work together to track down this animal before more innocent people are being harmed! 

1. March 2 - Eight Year 4 and Year 6 pupils and a teacher of SK Bukit Bandaraya in Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar were splashed with a liquid by a motorcyclist clad in black. 

2. March 24 - Two marketing executives were splashed with acid as they were walking along Jalan Tun Sambanthan at 5.30pm. 

3. March 25 - A 25-year-old history teacher, on the way to school, was attacked near the back gate of a school in Jalan Sultan Abdul Samad at 7am. 

4. March 26 - A Frenchman and his female companion became the 13th and 14th victims of a corrosive liquid-splashing attack by a motorcycle duo in Jalan Conlay about 3pm. 

5. April 2 - In Jalan Mantin, Negri Sembilan, a 27-year-old woman and her 18-year-old niece were attacked by two men on a motorcycle 9pm. 

6. May 6 - Two women were splashed with acid when a motorcyclist attacked them from behind in Jalan Pudu Lama at 9pm. 

7. May 6 - Thirty minutes later, a lawyer in her 30s, was attacked near a parking lot in front of The Mall shopping centre in Jalan Putra. 

8. May 7 - A woman and her one-year-old baby were standing in her house compound in Persiaran Titiwangsa when the splasher rode by and threw the liquid at them at 3pm. 

This is how a Honda EX5 looks like.

All of us must be on our toes from now onwards. We must work hand-in-hand to track down this animal. This serial acid splasher is of dark complexion and he rides either a Honda EX5 or Yamaha bike with a basket in front. So you should be more careful when you see these 2 types of bike approaching you. If you are a woman, a girl....or well just about anyone who is staying in KL-you might want to follow the following guidelines here: 

Always walk facing against the traffic: So that the serial acid splasher will not attack you from the back. Besides that by walking against the traffic you will have a better chance of avoiding anyone who looks suspicious to you. 

Avoid walking by the side of the road: If possible don't walk at the side of the road at all if it is unnecessary. You will be exposed and make yourself easy target for this serial acid splasher. Walk near the building where there are crowded people. 

Always bring along an umbrella: This might sound crazy...but I suggest that you bring along a huge umbrella with you. So whenever you see someone suspicious approaching you, immediately open that umbrella to shield yourself from any possible attack. Yes! Just open it even though it is not raining. Best of all use the umbrella all the time. Moreover your umbrella can be a potent weapon for you to defend yourself in dangerous situations. 

Inform the police of any suspicious motorcyclist: Banking on our Malaysian police alone is not enough. So the moment you see anyone riding a bike with dark complexion and looks suspicious...immediately take down the number plate and inform the police to come over as soon as possible. Who knows? Your information might lead to the nabbing of this serial acid splasher! 

Put on more clothes: I know the weather is scorching hot right now. But putting on an extra jacket or vest might buy you some time to escape the devastating acid if *touch wood* you are being splashed! 

Don't go out at all: No matter where you go, try not to walk...at all. If possible don't even go out if you don't have any transport, preferably car. It doesn't matter if the sundry shop is only 50 metres away from your home...you don't want to risk being splashed with acid right? So ask your parents, husband or other family members to ferry you around if you can. 

Use as much water as possible: Water is the best remedy to counter the corrosive acid. The moment someone is being splashed with acid (either it is you or other victims), pour as much water as possible onto the affected body parts especially the eyes. Keep on pouring a large amount of water to dilute the acid. Keep on doing this until the acid has been diluted and washed away. So I suggest all of us to bring a water bottle all the time. 

We don't want this happen to our beloved ones right? :(

I really, really hope there will be no other innocent people being splashed with this corrosive liquid again. I am sure our police force will do justice to the lives that have been affected by this serial acid splasher in KL! If you happen to meet this heartless, cowardly serial acid splasher in his act, don't hesitate to alert the police or nab him. Remember if we don't do anything, this could happen to our beloved ones. We must track him down and kill him! Ok...sounds like I am a savage but I am sure you get what I mean! We Malaysians must work hand-in-hand to bring down this serial acid splasher in KL. He is an animal!

Lets spread this - and all do our part to track down this criminal!!!

Thank you.

Info terbaru yg saya dgr ialah pihak pelaku t'babit sedang m'sasarkan golongan wanita muda di kawasan LRT and car park terutamanya di kawasan Setapak, Wangsa Maju & Gombak-


p/s : The latest news My dengar tadi ada pesanan buat semua wanita kalau keluar bawa air botol sekali. In case kalau benda tak diingini macam ni berlaku air tu boleh buat untuk basuh kawasan terkena asid tuh.



Fakhrul said...

haisshhh! giloss betol org yg buat keje nih..simbah asid kt mke org..ok2..nt akan pehatikan kot2 ada ternampak ker...

izamir ridzwan said...

kesian kat mangsa tuh... tak bersalah pon

nyna said...

ya Allah takutnye bila baca ;'(

Ashraf Jalil said...

mintak share kat blog.. utk warning org ramai..

cik fai said...

hah kakak ho chi minh , mane ole ole fai dari vietnam ?

amboii ligat bawak abang abang vietnam nampak .
hihihi :(

kakak , fai kian bz lorr , tak dapat blogwalking selalu ye .

im sorry :(

HonEyBuNNy said...


ila dah takoot neh...da la ila sokmo g OU....

bila ila dalam kereta pasti takot bila nampak moto tau..tambah2 india....ada tu ila nampak tin minuman 100 plus dalam raga moto dia...lagi la ila cuak gila2...T_T

lagi takoot bila dekat LRT gombak...adehhh..jangan sampai uia sudh...ne jadi takoot nak naik lrt neh..

Izyan Masri said...


cik fai said...

tak tahu la kak ho chi minh ,
fai punye no 48 . hihi ^^
tak kena eh eh !

athirah said...

tkt laaa nk blk um ni.. huhuhuh

mas saari said...

orang ni memang gila!!
rasa sangat tak selamat sekarang..

KatekateKite said...

takot T_T

... said...

as salam..dengar2 cerita lak, dia target pengguna pangankutan awam selain lrt. risau je kalau dia gerak ke rawang. huhu.. adik pakcik keje kat maybank tu..adei..

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